Photography FAQs

  • Do you travel to a destination wedding? If your venue is outside Koh Tao and needs us to be your photographer and videographer on your special day, we love and happy to travel for any destination wedding venues across the area in Thailand. The overseas destination assignment is what we love too. Just contact us, and let us know your details.
  • What is your wedding photography style? Our lead photographer, Thomas, and Bundit have their approach shooting style in photojournalism that captures the moment, atmosphere, and feeling to tell your story, combined with creative art photography. And photo shooter still keeps some traditional style in the photographs.
  • What are your honeymoon and pre-wedding photography style? Honeymoon and pre-wedding we do is not only in journalist style, it  needs more posting, but we still combine to capture a moment through our journalism in portrait photography. 
  • I'm not photogenic, don't worry if you're not a photogenic, feeling shy or freeze when standing in front the camera, our photographers can advice your posting, with the personality that there are fun, relax, very friendly and kindness will make you feel relax and enjoy our session till the end 
  • How far should we do a pre-wedding session for pre-wedding or engagement sessions should in early when you have plan date, get flight ticket, or booking your hotel. As our photographer team often travels for destinations wedding, so if we know your shooting day earlier, then we can secure the date and set schedule to our photographer.
  • Can I have RAW files from our wedding or honeymoon? Usually, we didn't provide RAW file format when we finished editing and give you in full resolution jpeg files from the original  from a RAW. But if you still need RAW files too, we can give you an additional charge. You have right to do anything you want: print and share pictures with your friend via social media platform, pictures you receive can enlarge to size 20 X 30 inchs. But you can't sell it.
  • What can I do if we lost all photos? We understand that the computer can be broke and everythingt wiped out, can happen, the laptop has stolen or fallen. We strongly recommend you make a copy at least in a USB flash drive and better if you can keep another place like online storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. once when you're receiving files from us. If in case you didn't have a copy with you. Usually, we keep all pictures for each job at least three years so we can send another copy to you with no charge.
  • Do you limit the photo when shooting or photo to delivery? Our gold in shooting every job is to capture beautiful pictures and keep a moment to our clients, no matter a small detail, or the main event everything is your story and importance to you. In our mind, if we limit a photo to shooting that not our style. Thomas and Bundit our lead photographer they shooting with no limit in number and give you the most of photos they shoot to you, except some photo that too dark or bright, blink or face is not good 
  • When we can see and receive our final photo: 
  • Your honeymoon and pre-wedding  for 2 hours session should be ready in the 1-week ( usually it faster if we not too busy like in low season our workflow is smooth ) and you should be received at least 150 - 200 hi-resolution images ( usually we deliver more photos than this, combined of a few of traditional photos and mostly on candid photos )
  • Honeymoon and pre-wedding photo for 3-5 hours session should be ready in 2 weeks photo to delivery that you should be received at least 350-500 hi-resolution images
  • Wedding day photography for 4 hours package pictures turnaround time should within 3-4 weeks 
  • Wedding day photography for 8 hours package pictures turnaround time should within 5-6 weeks, for a sneak peek photo we can be sent to you first within 2 days.
  • We try to deliver pictures to you as fast as we can as we know you're excited and eager to see your photos, meanwhile, we still keep our quality for your photo to be perfect and beautiful.

Location FAQs

  • Is Koh Tao worth a visiting?:  Koh Tao is a small island in the Gulf of Thailand but it ranks in a World top ten for best scuba diving spot not only underwater world is the best, but the beach and tropical forest are worth to visit too. Many resorts on the island offer uniques views and locations.

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